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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ryan MacGrath sings a Tune at the Bicentennial Theatre

Wow. What a beautiful day it was today. We visited the Bicentennial Theatre in Middle Musquodoboit as a scouting trip for an upcoming show there in the late Spring. But not only was the facility wonderful, and the people superb..but there was also a very rare piece of history hanging as a stage curtain by 19th century artist William Gill- the one in the video above.

This work was painted in 1892 and is one of very few stage art paintings still surviving in Canada.A rare treat indeed, as many of you know Ryan MacGrath is also a talented visual artist.

The day consisted of a beautiful drive to a part of the province none of us have been on. Then we were happily greeted by Andrew and Barb, who took us on a lovely tour of the theatre complete with coffee and delicious cinnamon buns. The day was filled with serendipity, new friends and opportunity.

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