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Friday, January 29, 2010

ONLY HOURS LEFT to bid on a Song made just for YOU!!

Scroll to the BOTTOM of this entry and CLICK on COMMENT to enter another bid. Increments of $10 please. THANK YOU!!!

WELL...Now that you've watched this quirky video, it's time to start bidding on a wonderful song by Ryan.

As he mentioned, simply enter in your name, contact info and your BID amount BY CLICKING ON THE COMMENT SECTION DIRECTLY UNDER THIS BLOG ENTRY or email your info to ryanmacgrathmusic@gmail.com

Check back often on Ryan's BLOG to see who's in the lead.
The bidding is now at $200 ....with suggested increments of $10.

At midnight on February 1st, the bidding will close and the song will be won by the highest bidder, upon confirmation of payment.

At this point, Ryan and the winner will discuss who the song will be for, and get all the details of what you would like your song to say. After this, Ryan will get to work and will present you with a final professional copy of the song on a CD for you, just in time for February 14th.

In addition to this, Ryan will create a custom designed CD sleeve with an original painting by him and will also include the lyrics to your song.

All the money raised from this silent auction will go towards the creation of Ryan MacGrath's Debut Full Length Album, due in early Spring 2010.

psst....the COMMENT LINK IS LIKE RIGHT THERE....start the bidding

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